PureCode Computing provides technology tutoring for a wide variety of audiences. Consider PureCode if you are

  • …a professional at a company that deals with code
  • …a student who wants to be prepared for a computer course
  • …an enthusiast who wants to be in on the latest technology
  • …looking to boost your résumé with computer skills
  • …interested in creating websites, games, or applications

Select a program for more information:

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General Computer Skills

Do you want to be a better computer user? Learn how to use your PC more efficiently and securely. Only available for Windows.

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General Programming

For students and professionals who want to learn general coding concepts and computer science topics.

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Web Programming

Learn web development techniques using modern technologies like PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Flash and ActionScript 3.0

Learn how to fully utilize Adobe's Flash technology, and learn general programming concepts with ActionScript 3.0

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